Innovation in separate waste collection

We make environmental technologies for people, companies and cities, which can multiply the volume of waste sent for recycling and reduce the amount of landfill

TrashBack mobile application

Ecological superapp for daily use

Every resident encounters waste several times a day. Our application allows you to send waste for recycling and make money on it. TrashBack involves the whole family in taking care of the environment.

  • Personalization and tracking waste path
  • Ecoins - bonuses for recyclable materials
  • Waste recognition neural network
  • Reverse vending machines with artificial intelligence
  • Partners services, products and promotions
  • Environmental assessment services

Waste tracking

Our system for tracks municipal solid waste bags using barcodes or RFID tags. We are motivating residents for separate waste collection

Neural Network

We collected the world's largest database of labeled waste images. We trained neaural network on this data, a neural network. Now it can automatically detect the waste and its position on photos and videos

AI reverse vending machine

We produce devices that accepts used (empty) beverage containers and returns Ecoins or money to the user. It recognize waste with the help of our neural network

Each of our technologies is regularly used by thousands of users. Every day several tons of recyclable materials are tracked with our system