We create a circular economy in three steps

1. Engage people in separate waste collection and eco behaviour with our superapp
2. Collect waste with our AI based reverse vending machines
3. 3D print goods, furniture and even houses from collected waste

Ecological superapp for daily use

Every resident encounters waste several times a day. Our application allows you to send waste for recycling and make money on it. TrashBack involves the whole family in taking care of the environment.

  • Personalization and tracking waste path
  • Ecoins - bonuses for recyclable materials
  • Waste recognition neural network
  • Reverse vending machines with artificial intelligence
  • Partners services, products and promotions
  • Environmental assessment services

TrashBack mobile application

AI based waste collection points and reverse vending machines

Our company carries out a full production cycle of reverse vending machines. Our devices have a number of advantages over reverse vending machines on the market

  • 1.5-10 times cheaper. Due to in-house design and production of electronics, software, cases, as well as the use of innovative approaches that can significantly reduce the number of components and materials for the production of the device
  • Faster. It takes no more than 1.5 seconds to reliably recognize the package.
  • Accepts up to 9 types of recyclables - PET bottles, aluminum cans by default. The types of recyclables accepted are configured separately.
  • Wow. Shows real-time packaging recognition.
  • Accepts even crumpled packaging and packaging with damaged labels
  • Own mobile app and bonus system
  • Online panel and API integration with the customer's system

Large scale pellet 3D printer

We produce 3D printers, pellet extruders and we print goods from recycled materials.

  • Print with different recycled materials - PP, PS, PET+PETG, ABS, SBS and other
  • Can print with Wood-Polymer Composite
  • Is made for printing home goods, furniture, address signs, architectural ladscape elements and other.
  • Cheap and fast
  • Does not produce production waste
  • Fully automatic