Municipal waste tracking

and residents motivation for separate waste collection

How does it work?

We track the path of the waste bag. We motivate residents for separate collection in financiall and non-financiall ways

1. A resident sorts non-food waste at home into a separate bin and a bag with a barcode
2. After the bag is filled up, user scans the barcode on it with the TrashBack application. After that he put the bag into the non-food waste container
3. Bags with municipal solid waste are delivered to the waste sorting complex, identified, sorted and sent for recycling

Implementation mechanisms

Handing over recyclable materials in packages is the most convenient way of separate collection for households. We offer different mechanisms for personalizing and tracking recyclable materials in packages, targeted at different customers: municipalities, private recyclables purveyors or regional operators

Barcode packages

We produce bags with a unique barcode on each one. The bags are bought by residents in the TrashBack app or in partner stores. Upon arrival at the waste sorting complex, the bags are scanned by the sorters, the residents are paid Ecoins for sorting, and the company is left with high-quality recyclables.

Radio chip packages

A radio chip is issued in partner stores when purchasing ordinary goods. It is an RFID tag with a barcode printed on it. It is pasted by the user on a bag with recyclable materials, personalized using a mobile application and automatically identified when it arrives at the waste sorting complex. using antennas

Automatic collection points for recyclable materials

In this embodiment, the recyclable bag is placed by the user at a recycling center, which can be accessed using the TrashBack mobile application. A barcode is printed inside the receiving module, which he sticks on his recyclable bag and which is used for identification package when sorting it

What does TrashBack do for the user?

Our application allows users to send waste for recycling and make money on it. TrashBack involves the whole family in taking care of the environment

  • Transparency of the waste track and confirmation that they have been accepted for recycling and reuse
  • Ecoins for the each unit of recyclable materials
  • Gamification
  • Discounts on utility services for those who have handed over at least 5 packages of sorted waste per month
  • A new family habit. The application involves the whole family in environmental behavior, makes it the norm to sort waste, as in many civilized countries
  • Caring for the environment, personal health and the future of children

What does the technology give to the customer?

Our application allows you to send waste for recycling and make money on it. TrashBack involves the whole family in taking care of the environment

  • Increase in valuable recyclable materials by 20% or more in the short term
  • Reducing the amount of burial, meeting the objectives of the National Ecology project
  • Improving the quality of public services and confidence in the waste management system
  • Reducing the tariff burden on the population without additional budgetary expenditures for this
  • Accurate calculation of recyclable materials, reduction of losses and fraud
  • Reducing the cost of receiving recyclable materials from the population and companies up to 100%

Results of the implementation of the TrashBack system in the city of Reutov

Reutov is a city in the Moscow region, in which 106 thousand residents (40 thousand families) live. The city is located 15 km from the Kremlin, but had significant environmental problems. Reutov is adjacent to the Kuchino test site, which was closed after the residents turned to Putin V.V., a waste incineration plant, treatment facilities. Periodically, emissions of a harmful concentration of hydrogen sulfide were emitted from the Kuchino landfill, the smell of which was felt by residents. Until 2019, more than 95% of residents did not share waste, as on average. ecological measures. The Kuchino landfill was closed and reclaimed. The infrastructure for the separate collection of waste was organized in the city - more than 90 bins for municipal solid waste waste were installed. Every month, campaigns on the separate collection of waste from the 'Collector' were started. The Zero Waste store was opened. October 2019 in Reutov with the support of the City Administration, local business community and VkusVill company was launched TrashBack system



More than 2,500 families in the city regularly sort their waste using the TrashBack app


additional raw materials

began to be sent for processing, not for disposal


communal discounts

was paid to residents of the city who regularly sort the waste