Mobile application functions

We create a mobile application for daily use with a variety of eco-services for adults and children

Waste tracking

The ability to scan a barcode on a TrashBack municipal solid waste bag or radio chip, track the life of the package and get Ecoins for each recycled bag

Working with reverse vending machines

Authorization function in devices for receiving recyclable materials from TrashBack. The application allows you to hand over recyclables and get Ecoins for them

Neural network

A service for marking up photos of the waste that you produced. Ecoins are paid for each precise label. You can use a neural network in the application that automatically identifies waste in the image

Infrastructure Map

Map of the exact locations of containers for raw materials or waste collection points. Service is provided by both TrashBack and partners

Ecoservices, products and partner promotions

Special offers from partners or transfer of Ecoins to a bonus account VkusVill

Payment for goods and services by ecoins

Ability to spend Ecoins to pay for goods and services in TrashBack terminals or transfer to a partner's bonus account

What does TrashBack do for the user?

Our application allows users to send waste for recycling and make money on it. TrashBack involves the whole family in taking care of the environment

  • Transparency of the waste track and confirmation that they have been accepted for recycling and reuse
  • Ecoins for the each unit of recyclable materials
  • Gamification
  • Discounts on utility services for those who have handed over at least 5 packages of sorted waste per month
  • A new family habit. The application involves the whole family in environmental behavior, makes it the norm to sort waste, as in many civilized countries
  • Caring for the environment, personal health and the future of children