Digital tool for solving environmental problems of the city and region

No infrastructure investment

The system works with the existing infrastructure for separate waste collection, waste collection and disposal system

Covers up to 60% of residents

The service is most often used by residents who are just starting to divide waste or are close to it. For many users TrashBack has become a reason to start separating waste

Digitized environmental solutions

All volumes of raw materials with personalization to the household are accounted for in the system. The user sees his contribution to the environment, company or city - understands the total volume of sorted recyclables

Involvement of the majority of citizens in the separate collection of waste

TrashBack builds confidence in the segregated waste collection system among the majority of the townspeople. The segregated collection system has previously been compromised by the mixing of waste in a garbage truck. By tracking garbage bags or a network of reverse vending machines, a resident keeps track of the fate of waste and their subsequent processing

City Social Network

The TrashBack application is a new effective point of contact with the population, a tool for increasing loyalty and trust in the authorities

Full cycle of work with waste in municipal and educational institutions

The TrashBack system allows employees of government agencies, school and university students to sort waste and take care of the environment. The TrashBack reverse vending machine accepts waste and pays Ecoins. The user can spend the Ecoins, for example, in the cafe using the TrashBack payment terminal.

Ecoins - a new urban means of payment

The points that a TrashBack user receives for each recyclable package, labeling the images of waste, or other actions, can be spent by a resident in cafes, shops, beauty salons and other TrashBack partners. The transaction is performed using a QR code, which generates the application, and the TrashBack terminal, which reads the code and debits the Ecoins. Also, the accumulated Ecoins can be transferred to the bonus account of the federal network of health food stores VkusVill

Results of the implementation of the TrashBack system in the city of Reutov

Reutov is a city in the Moscow region, in which 106 thousand residents (40 thousand families) live. The city is located 15 km from the Kremlin, but had significant environmental problems. Reutov is adjacent to the Kuchino test site, which was closed after the residents turned to Putin V.V., a waste incineration plant, treatment facilities. Periodically, emissions of a harmful concentration of hydrogen sulfide were emitted from the Kuchino landfill, the smell of which was felt by residents. Until 2019, more than 95% of residents did not share waste, as on average. ecological measures. The Kuchino landfill was closed and reclaimed. The infrastructure for the separate collection of waste was organized in the city - more than 90 bins for municipal solid waste waste were installed. Every month, campaigns on the separate collection of waste from the 'Collector' were started. The Zero Waste store was opened. October 2019 in Reutov with the support of the City Administration, local business community and VkusVill company was launched TrashBack system



More than 2,500 families in the city regularly sort their waste using the TrashBack app


additional raw materials

began to be sent for processing, not for disposal


communal discounts

was paid to residents of the city who regularly sort the waste